Cleveland Documenters “Healing Spaces” Environmental Justice Interview Assignment, Phase 3


Friday, Aug. 20, 2021
12:00 a.m.

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Cleveland, OH (Directions)

This is Phase 3 of Cleveland Documenters “Healing Spaces” environmental justice interview assignment. This assignment will be available for a limited time.

You can apply for this phase of the assignment until Sunday, August 29th.

Once assigned, you have 1 week to complete the assignment.

ON THIS ASSIGNMENT, Documenters will interview Cleveland residents about an outdoor space in the city of Cleveland that is healing for them. We are particularly looking for neighborhood spaces, community gardens, and abandoned lots turned into greenspaces. But, any outdoor space in the city of Cleveland that is healing for your interview subject will work.

Documenters will also submit photos of their interview subject in their healing space.

THE GOAL is to produce profiles of Cleveland residents and their “healing space” to share on the web and social media. These profiles will complement the work produced by the Healing Spaces team. The interviews and media Documenters submit may also be used directly in the work of the Healing Spaces team.

This assignment is part of our “Healing Spaces” environmental justice project, led by a team of three Cleveland Documenters – Teela Patterson, Courtney Greene and Kevin Naughton. Their documentary project will explore how abandoned or neglected neighborhood spaces in Cleveland can and are being “healed” for public use. Our hope is to tie principles of environmental justice to real local solutions, and to how these spaces can be beneficial for Cleveland residents (i.e. public health).

The Healing Spaces project is funded by a grant from the Black Environmental Leaders (BEL) in partnership with The Center for Community Solutions, Cleveland Foundation and The George Gund Foundation.

1 assignment = 1 interview submitted via Google Form, 10 photos submitted of the interview subject & their “healing space,” audio and/or video recording of your interview, AND 1 assignment checklist submitted

1 assignment = 3.5 hours at $16/hr


*Residents of the City of Cleveland who have an outdoor space in Cleveland that is healing for them.

*People in your networks: friends, family members, neighbors, co-workers, etc..

*People who are not typically heard from in traditional news settings.

For more on this assignment, view the Assignment Guide here:

Not sure this assignment is for you? Reach out and chat with Documenters field coordinator Lawrence Daniel Caswell at 216-496-3830 (call or text). We encourage you to give it a chance.