[remote] Justice Advisory Council

Cook County Justice Advisory Council
Criminal Justice

Friday, Sept. 8, 2023
8:30 a.m. — 10:30 a.m. CDT

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This is a remote assignment. The meeting will be held via Microsoft Teams with videoconference and teleconference access. As of this writing the videoconference link has not yet been shared but it should be posted on the meeting details page closer to the scheduled date (https://cook-county.legistar.com/DepartmentDetail.aspx?ID=49044&GUID=10F5EDBE-B500-42AE-A6C0-FD8DCA265E70).

Never post a videoconference link directly on Twitter or social media, as this can lead to Zoombombing. Instead, you can direct people interested in joining to join via teleconference or send you a private message for the link.

For more information about Cook County’s Justice Advisory Council, visit https://www.cookcountyil.gov/agency/justice-advisory-council.

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Edited and summarized by the Chicago - IL Documenters Team

Live reporting by Kaelyn Robinson

This month, Illinois will become the first state to implement a system that will never demand payment (also known as cash bail) as a condition for individuals awaiting trial to be released from jail.

Kaelyn @Kaelynski
Good morning! I'll be covering the Cook County Justice Advisory Council Meeting for @CHIdocumenters @city_bureau #CHIdocumenters follow along in this thread or via videoconference (dm for details)

08:31 AM Sep 8, 2023 CDT

Kaelyn @Kaelynski 2/5
The meeting is scheduled to begin at 8:30 am. Here is the agenda. For more info on the Cook County Justice Advisory Council, their website is here:
Kaelyn @Kaelynski 3/5
This is the first meeting of the JAC since May, their July meeting having been canceled. They operate out of the President's Office of the Cook County Board of Comissioners. The board is chaired by Judge Michael Hyman, and the staff is headed by Executive Director Avik Das.
Kaelyn @Kaelynski 4/5
This meeting is hybrid, and it looks like they are getting the technology up and running. Director Das is ensuring there is a quorum.
Kaelyn @Kaelynski 5/5
Things still haven't gotten started over here, but the JAC is focused on four main objectives, all in service of their mission, "to promote equitable, human-centered, community-driven justice system innovation and practice".

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