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Live reporting by Monique Petty-Ashmeade
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Good morning everyone my name is Mo Petty & I’ll be live tweeting today’s City Colleges of Chicago Academic Affairs & Student Services Committee/Board Meeting for #CHIDocumenters @CHIdocumenters. The meeting will begin at 12:30pm.

11:58 AM Jun 6, 2024 CDT

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Meeting has began at 12:32pm remarks are currently being given by Provost & Chief Academic Officer Mark Potter
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June 15th graduates will be celebrated for completing their high school equivalency program
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Eric Lugo senior advisor is currently providing updates on clean energy resources. In 2022 Lugo joined to begin a groundwork initiative incorporating City Colleges into providing these resources
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Elevate, IL Community College Board, IGEN, IL Innovation Network, and IL EV Network have all partnered with City Colleges to push toward these initiatives helping to build the groundwork, provide funding, and include City College students in development
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Below you can see each City College’s approach to the clean energy programming dating back to 2022
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To provide equitable job opportunities for students below shows how the energy saving imitative fit into the workforce
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Over the next 3 years (Apr 2024-March 2027) an industry assessment plan for $1.7 million dollars will help for colleges to create and eco-friendly footprint & provide open opportunities in trade workforces
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Daley’s College David Girzadas Dean of Advanced Manufacturing is currently presenting showcasing a design program that will allow for students to earn their degrees and apprenticeship programs for students below you see their approach, partners, and accomplishments
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Melissa Damewood of Kennedy-King express joy in CCC’s collaborative initiative and mentions students upcoming chances for students to experience an industrial level of work. The program set to launch next summer will be the first of its kind
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Cheryl Freeman Smith Dean of Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics expresses wanting to localize funding providing apprenticeships pathways, and curriculum development, equipment donation, etc
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Below CEJA Workforce Hubs is putting approximately $700,000 over 2 years to activate network of training hubs on the South & West Side
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Below you can find the 2024 Energy Workforce Strategic Plan
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Resolutions have begun
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Funding for Childhood Development is being discussed for various schools such as Olive-Harvey and UIC
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Intergovernmental agreement for mobility program is being discussed.
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McGraw Hill and Leapfrog Technology are asking from the Board to have a one year renewal from August 2024-2025
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Leapfrog Technology helps to advance student experience and ensure that City College students can easily access and schedule their classes based on major throughout the entire school year
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There is discussion to introduce Transfer a VR equipment and software at a cost not exceed $49,500 as a form of career paths in technology. This will last from June 6th 2024 to June 30,2025
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Motion to approve resolutions
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Motion to adjourn meeting has been approved. Meeting for Academic Affairs and Student Services Committee has adjourned at 1:53pm. City Colleges of Chicago’s Regular Board Meeting is set to begin at 2pm. Follow for more coverage!
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Regular Board Meeting for City Colleges of Chicago has began at 2:10pm
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Board is taking time make remarks to honor Juneteenth and Pride Month
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Emphasis on state funding and equity in student outcomes are emphasized 55% by 2030 of first year credential or transfer credit is a goal for the City Colleges they currently stand at 40%.
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Pres. David Potash of Wilbur Wright College after a decade of service is stepping down and this meeting will set to appoint a new president. Dr. Andres Oros will serve as the new president
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Malcom X College has been recognized as one of the best working environments among City Colleges
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Marketing and Strategic Planning is currently presenting a plan that rebrands City Colleges 20 members is presenting
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Below you will also find their agency model
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You will also see their budget investment over the course of 5 years 2019-2024
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Their rebrand strategy that examined students relationships to City Colleges, the core structure of the system and their purpose, affordability/value and emphasize a sense of community
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Below you can follow the marketing impact and upcoming plans of City Colleges for the Fall of 2025 that implements a more digital and communal efforts of advertising using social media, local network stations, and public bus stops as a means to advance their reach
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Motion has been approved to close session. Members set to return shortly.
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The meeting as adjourned officially at 3:37pm. This has been my coverage on City College’s Academic Affairs Student Services Committee & Regular Board Meeting. No details have been given upcoming meetings but follow to stay up to date!