[remote or in person] Police Board

Chicago Police Board
Criminal Justice

Thursday, June 15, 2023
7:30 p.m. — 8:30 p.m. CDT

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3510 S Michigan Ave Chicago, IL 60653 (Directions)

Chicago Public Safety Headquarters

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Live reporting by Zuka'a Joudeh

Board discusses Rule 14, which prohibits police personal from lying.

Hi, I’m ZJ w/ @CHIdocumenters I’ll be covering this evening’s Chicago Police Board Meeting.

07:45 PM Jun 15, 2023 CDT

If you don’t know CPB “is an independent civilian body that decides disciplinary cases involving Chicago police officers.” The meetings are scheduled for every 3rd Thurs. of the month at 7:30 pm.
VP Wolff “they have made improvement in the way they have been” working. She wonders, if it would be useful to know the periods of times for these findings. Her point is that the board has improved their work, and can say that these would impact more recent findings.
Witzburg: “I appreciate that question” and “incremental improvement is important”, yet she brings to the forefront that “all the agencies agree that lying” is not allowed, and that this study is seeing if this is actually being put into practice.
President Foreman makes a vague comment that supports the agencies efforts to abide by rule 14.
Chief Administrator COPA, Andrea Kersten now speaks. She encourages ‘everyone’ to reads the recommendations.
She continues that the approach to rule 14 is if the “officer approaches reports, willfully”. So, if an officer is intentionally lying or as she said, being “sloppy” in their police reports.
She ends her comment regarding the report and begins her updates. There have 309 total complaints received in May, but only 55 were left as under COPA.
Meeting ends at 8:17 PM.


Agency Information

Chicago Police Board

The Chicago Police Board is an independent civilian body that oversees various matters of the Chicago Police Department, mainly deciding disciplinary cases involving police officers or members of the department, and nominating candidates for Superintendent of Police. The nine individuals who sit on the board are appointed by the mayor.

If you’re attending a Police Board meeting in person, be prepared to go through security. You may hear graphic descriptions of violent events or loud verbal protest from members of the public.

Remote meetings may be viewed at https://cantv.org/watch-now/ or on CAN-TV, Chicago cable channel 27. The video recordings are later posted on Youtube and previously on CAN TV’s YouTube within a day or two.

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